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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The effectiveness of strategic planning includes two aspects. On the one hand, whether the strategy is correct or not. The correct strategy should be a good match between the organization’s resources and the environment; on the other hand, whether the strategy is suitable for the organization’s management process, that is, with the organization’s activities. Matching or not, an effective strategy generally has the following characteristics:
(1) Clear goals-The goals of strategic planning should be clear and should not be ambiguous. Its content should inspire and encourage people. The goal should be advanced, but it can be achieved through hard work, and the language of its description should be firm and concise.
(2) Good enforceability-the description of a good strategy should be popular, clear and executable. It should be a guide for leaders at all levels, so that leaders at all levels can accurately understand it, execute it, and use it. Your strategy is consistent with it.
(3) Organization and personnel implementation-the person who formulates the strategy is often the person who executes the strategy. A good strategic plan can only be realized with good personnel to execute it. Therefore, the strategic plan requires implementation at all levels, down to the individual. The strategy formulated by the senior leadership should generally be told to the subordinates in the form of direction and constraints. The subordinates accept the task and tell the subordinates in the same way. Such a level of refinement can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone knows the strategic plan. It's personal.
The personalized strategic plan clarifies everyone's responsibilities and can fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. On the one hand, this motivates everyone to use their brains to think of ways, and on the other hand, it increases the vitality and creativity of the organization. In a complex organization, it is difficult to identify all opportunities only by a senior leader.
(4) Good flexibility-the goal of an organization may not change over time, but its scope of activities and the form of the organization plan change all the time. The strategic plan is only a temporary document and should be periodically checked and reviewed. The flexibility makes it easy to adapt to the needs of change.



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